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Exhibition of Indian Mini Technologies for Small Business (INDIA MINITECH 2008)
An exhibition of Indian Mini Technologies for Small Business (INDIA MINITECH-2008) was organised in Tashkent from 12th to 16th July, 2008 jointly by the Government of India and the Government of Uzbekistan. From the Indian side, the exhibition was organised by National Small Industries Cooperation (NSIC) and from the Uzbek side by the State Committee on Demonopolization in association with the Uzbek Chamber of Commerce and the Uzexpocentre. 41 Indian units from SME sector participated in exhibition showcasing diverse technologies suitable to Uzbek needs like food processing industries, packaging, welding, blow moulding, PVC insulation, solar heating, paper printing, auto components, etc. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Chairman of Uzbek State Committee on Demonopolization and President of the Uzbek Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Minister of Foreign, Economic Relations Mr.Elynor Ganiev and several Uzbek Deputy Ministers visited the exhibitions and were highly impressed by the range of appropriate and low cost technologies displayed. The exhibition was a big success, aroused keen interest of Uzbek businessmen, entrepreneurs and public in general. During the exhibition thousands of serious business people visited the exhibition. The Uzbek Minister of Foreign and Economic Relations and Uzbek Chamber of Commerce and Industry had mobilized the visitors from all the regions of Uzbekistan. More than 400 preliminary contracts have been signed by the Indian Companies for supply of products and technologies and enquiries worth about US$ 4 million were generated. Some of the Uzbek Government agencies have shown interest to enter into joint venture partnership with some of the companies for manufacturing of their products. The enthusiastic Uzbek response to the Exhibition has confirmed that the area of SMEs needs to be pursued for bilateral cooperation.