Partnering to Holistic Development
International Cooperation

NSIC welcomes you to the Web Portal of INDIA-KOREA TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE CENTRE  wherein the following  handshake to promote SMEs :-

National Small Industries Corporation, Republic of India (NSIC), a premier public sector organisation engaged in promoting, assisting and fostering the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India  &  Small & medium Business Corporation hereinafter called (SBC), Small & medium Business Corporation (SBC), was established in 1979 as a Korean government agency to operate and manage funds for promotion and growth of Korean SMEs.


To encourage and promote co-operation as follows:

1. Capacity building for developing policy and institutional framework for the development of MSMEs in both countries on mutually agreed terms;

2. Carry out industrial potential surveys and feasibility studies to identify thrust areas and opportunities for development of MSMEs in both countries on mutually agreed terms;

3. Facilitate exchange of business missions to enhance enterprise-to enterprise cooperation and help initiate sustainable business alliances between the enterprises of Republic of India and Korea.;

4.  Assist each other in holding virtual exhibitions at their respective websites/web portals regarding products & services offered by MSMEs in both countries and provide linkages on each otherísí website for information exchange;

5. Exchange information about fairs and exhibitions and encourage participation of MSMEs in the selected events in each otherís country in order to enhance interactions and cooperation between MSMEs of both countries;

6. Facilitate technology transfers on demand and on mutually agreed terms for realization of industrial partnerships between MSMEs of both countries; and

7. Any other areas of co-operation on MSMEs programme to be mutually agreed upon by the Parties.

The rationale of having a dedicated International Cooperation Website is to establish network of International Governmental and non-governmental institutions which would enable a coordination of activities between SME development Institutions and many non-governmental subjects directly connect.

NSIC may share its experience of Rapid Incubation of unemployed for self-employment generation with Republic of Korea on mutually agreed terms.

NSIC and SBC will also explore possibilities of establishing India-Korea Technology Exchange Centre in their respective countries on mutually agreed terms (to be decided separately), to facilitate technology transfers between MSME sectors of both the countries.

The objective of this website is to share and exchange SME Information amongst Partner Institutions with some of the salient features mentioned below.

  • Business to Business B2B
  • Tender Leads
  • Exhibitions and Fairs details
  • Training Programmes details
  • Conferences